Drought Tolerant Landscape

Say "Bye-Bye" to costly water bills. Landscape Therapist's Drought Tolerant Landscaping is simple, sustainable, and best of all - it's beautiful.

At Landscape Therapist, we want YOU to save water by carefully pairing plants and lawns by their irrigation needs. We use Drought-Tolerant perennials, ornamental grasses that provide beauty, color and texture to the landscape design.

We love to create this eco-friendly garden using low water evergreen shrubs as the background foundation plants - then accenting with California Native plants mixed with low water non-native plants. The benefit from mixing the evergreen and deciduous plants is to create a beautiful garden that lasts all year round.

Want to know more about the low-maintenance garden and drought tolerant garden? Check out our Blog page for more info and recent photos.

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Landscape Design

This is a simple yet modern landscape design for this modern home. Ornamental grass is a great choice for creating a drought tolerant garden.

Landscape Garden Design

This rustic gold fine path outlines the drought tolerant planting area by constructing with the field stones. The garden consist of lot of different earth tone perennials like, Phormium Apricot Queen, Euphorbia, and Achillea.

Landscape Front yard Garden

This front yard garden is fill with lavenders and plants from Australia like the Kangaroo Paws and New Zeeland Phormium flax.

Landscaping Design

When you have a big open space and want to have a modern clean look? By chooing just a few plants and plant it in a desired line, it really makes the space modern and simple. In the pictures we have feather grass and phormium.

Landscaping with Colorful Drought Tolerant Perennials

There are lots of choices when it comes to drought tolerant perennials for your garden. Salvias, Russian Sage, penstemon, Lavenders and lots more