Landscape Masonry is where the MAGIC happens!

Over the years, Landscape Therapist helped many homeowners feel a great appreciation the first time they see their newly transformed landscape. What we love about the hardscape process by using stones, pavers, travertines, field stones and gold fines is that it really adds a natural earthy look to your landscape; As a result, using these masonry create a sense of balance and calmness. This is why we call these hardscape features the "Anchor" of any landscape.

Is your yard on a steep slope? No problem. Driveway and patio construction is our specialty. Landscape Therapist can help you create and reclaim your previously unusable yard by bringing in new soil, grading and building a quality retaining wall. From driveways to patios, pavers, travertine, slate, concrete, and flagstone, the selections are bountiful.

At Landscape Therapist, we understand that the key to a long-lasting masonry is in its foundation. Thatís why we can stand 100% behind our work and guaranteed you'll be satisfied.

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San Jose Landscaping Travertine Patio

It is hard to imagine this beautiful travertine patio area was once a cracked concrete patio. Now is it a family hang out and BBQ spot.

Landscaping Saratoga Paver Driveway

This the textured paver. For the driveway, it is the perfect choice to create the classy and elegant look for this new home.

Landscaping Saratoga Paver Walkway

This Tuscany yellow pavers walkway has a custom curved border to echo with the architecture design of the house.

Mountain View Landscaping Flagstone

Flagstone comes in many different shades and can be cut to desired size. It is perfect for patio, walkway and stepping stones. Pictures on the left is multi color flagstone and set in concrete. For the right side picture, it is not set in concrete and filled with gold fines in between the gaps. This style is more nature look.

Pala Alto Landscaping Stone Retaining Walls

Having a steep slop? A beautiful stone retaining wall and the flagstone stairway is your answer. Not only it solved the problem of the steepness, it adds rustic texture to the font yard landscape.

Sunnyvalley Landscaping Slate Walkways

If you like the stone look and the multi color palate, Slate is a great choice. It instantly adds color to the landscape.

Landscaping Paver Walkways and Patios

Paver is one of the best choice for the patio and walkway landscaping. There are lots of selections of color, texture and style. And it is very durable.

San Carlos Landscaping Walkway

(Left) Blue Stone (Right ) Paver Red and Charcoal Color

Menlo Park Landscaping Stone Stairways

This beautiful solid stone stairways is an instant beauty to the yard. What a grand entrance!

Los Gatos Landscaping Allan blocks Retaining Walls

Allan Blocks are one of the best materials for building retaining walls. The selections are large, from the styles, colors shapes to sizes. Allan blocks are a must have for building retaining walls, court yard and planter boxes.

Redwood City Landscaping Retaining Walls

Keystone elite 133 is a great choice for building retaining walls. The stone retaining wall adds instant color to the place.

Woodside Landscape Retaining Walls

When it comes the unusable space like the very steep back yard, we use engineering plans for the tall retaining walls. To ensure safety and maximize on the space.