About Landscape Therapist

Landscape Therapist

We are your local Landscape Therapist and we are honored to provide top quality landscaping services to our neighbors in the Bay Area for over 20 years. Lawn & Landscape Therapist is a family owned company dedicated to enhancing your living environment.

We specialize in design and installation including irrigation design, hardscape Design, Plant design, Stone Retaining walls, Patio installation and driveway construction - we do it all.

YES, WE FIX other landscaper's mistakes too!!!

We guarantee all our work to ensure your satisfaction.

At Landscape Therapist, we value the importance of a solid foundation. We start with underground preparation and build up from there. Not all landscaping companies give this aspect the attention it deserves. Our underground preparation process is the key to our long lasting designs. We take the time to do things right the first time!

For example, we'd only build a driveway with solid underground preparation and compaction, designed to withstand weight over time and maintain an even surface.

In some areas of Los Altos, we remove some of the dense clay soil and replace it with nutrient-rich soil for thriving plants.

Success is in the details. Before we build, we sometimes may need to:
  • Create a supporting underground drainage system to direct water properly
  • Demo an older existing system
  • Check up and update the pipes
  • Inspect the soil type

We take pride in our work. As a family-owned and managed company, we are very hands-on and personally involved in all aspects of every project. We are extremely committed to our work and strive to maintain the same high performance standards every step of the way.

About Cyrus Fakhari, Owner & Founder

Cyrus Fakhari

Lawn and Landscape Therapist owner and founder, Cyrus Fakhari, grew up around the beauty of Los Altos, CA, and to him, being in nature has always been one of life’s greatest joys.

Cyrus started his landscaping career as a teenager, having taken a job working for a local landscaping company. From that moment on, there was no turning back; with his love for nature, he was hooked. His excellent work began to garner interest, and Cyrus soon found himself in high demand, creating beautifully balanced landscapes, in the years to come.

Cyrus soon found himself in high demand, creating beautifully balanced landscapes, in the years to come. The company name ‘Lawn & Landscape Therapist’ actually came about quite literally. Cyrus found himself ‘prescribing’ lots of advice to customers asking for his Lawn & Landscape Therapy. After seeing so many problematic landscaping jobs done by others, “Doing the job right the first time” had become Cyrus’s mission, and so Lawn & Landscape Therapist was born.

One of Cyrus Fakhari biggest successes was transforming a 3 acre open lot into a functional garden-lover’s oasis: the city of Sunnyvale’s first community garden which is located next to the Sunnyvale city hall. Lawn & Landscape Therapist is proud to be part of the Sunnyvale Community Garden whose philosophy is sustainability, “giving back to the earth as much as it gives to us”.

Cyrus Fakhari has been a “Lawn & Landscape Therapist” for thousands of homes throughout the bay area, as well as a teacher for the art of creating beautiful outdoor spaces. He is passionate about creating unique living spaces that are calming for the mind, good for the body, and friendly to the environment.

Jessie Lin

About the owner and designer – Jessie Lin

Jessie is a proud mother of two beautiful girls and the creative and design talent behind the business. Jessie has always been a creative person and in the design field. Her love of nature and the outdoors allows her to blend this passion with creating beautiful and unique landscape designs.

Design Philosophy

Creating landscape designs is holistic and rooted in nature itself, “a beautiful landscape design should resemble the natural landscape and the peaceful energy it embodies which is essential for life”. The landscape design should also enhance the beauty of the house and complement any surrounding nature, while most importantly feeling like a home. More than simply adding new plants and hardscapes, it’s about the overall energy of the designed landscape. It should feel natural and not forced or artificial.

Design Process

Jessie will first meet with the client to understand their needs and ideas, and then begins the creative process with spending sometime at the property and around the home in order to understand and visualize the overall energy and how it can best be enhanced. An initial landscape design will be presented to the homeowner to make sure it matches their taste, the architecture of the home and is the right design direction in which to proceed. Moreover, the design itself must have a unique style and personality, while complementing the home both aesthetically, environmentally and fit with the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Once the project scope and overall design has been established, other details and elements such as hardscape, plant selections and water/irrigation concerns will be presented and decided on with the homeowner. Every detail is important to Jessie in fulfilling the vision of the design and to make sure the client is satisfied with not only the final product, but also how it progresses along the way. Jessie is on site during the installation phase and is always personally available to the client for questions or possible changes. Jessie’s goal is to make sure the design comes to life by giving it her heart and soul.

"I look forward to helping create your new landscape" -Jessie Lin