Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction and installation is where the DESIGN begins to take the physical shape and it happens to be our favorite step in the process.

At Landscape Therapist, we focus our attention to "below-ground" preparation before we even start to build. We’ve found that in order to create long lasting and healthy landscaping, you’ve first start with a solid foundation. For example, we only build the paver driveway with solid underground preparation and compaction. We carefully designed it to withstand weight over a long period of time, preventing the driveway from ever losing its evenness. Success is in the planning, process, execution and tentative to details. Before we build, we sometimes may need to:

  • Create a supporting underground drainage system to direct water properly.
  • Demo an older existing system.
  • Check up and update the pipes.
  • Inspect the soil type.

In some of Los Altos areas, we may need to remove some of the dense clay soil and replaced with good soil with nutrients for the plants to thrive.

We are your local Landscape Therapist and we are honored to provide the best quality landscaping services to our neighbors here in the bay area.

Remember, we always guaranteed our work to ensure satisfaction to all of our valued clients.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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Landscaping Saratoga Front yard - Before and After

The shrubs are all evergreen plants for foundation planting which are breath of heaven, Tuscany rosemary and blue hibiscus. The accent plants are weeping cherry tree and Japanese maple.

Landscaping San Carlos Before and After

This is a new construction home, the red pavers patio matched the roof and created a space for family BBQ. The lawn area is perfect for the two year old boy to play on.

Landscaping Los Altos Hills

Los Altos Hills back yard transformed from steep slop to a beautiful lawn for soccer playing.

Cupertino Landscaping Pool

This splash pool has a wonderful waterfall. Stone copings around the pool and slate tiles. The hills is filled with tropical and evergreen plants to create the oasis look.

Landscaping Driveway Sunnyvale

Paver is one of the best materials for driveways. It is durable, affordable and looks great. Unlike concrete, it crakes over time, paver driveway is here to stay.

Landscaping Sunnyvale Before and After

This Sunnyvale landscape really had a sad look on its face when we first met. So we had to demo the old deck, remove the trees and do a major clean up before we build. The home owner wanted a low maintenance garden, so we created this mostly evergreen garden with paver walkways to stroll through the garden.

Landscaping Saratoga

A simple Landscape design: By Creating a stone planter box at the corner with a pink Crape Myrtle tree, lavenders and day lilies really adds color to the corner.

Landscaping Saratoga Front yard- Before and After

This is a major landscaping makeover from just piles of dirt to this beautiful front yard garden with Paver walkway and Paver Driveway.