Transform your outdoor space into pure Enjoyment

Allow us to unlock your outdoor potential with our innovative 3D design, creating your personalized retreat. The design styles are endless, ranging from clean modern landscaping lines and whimsical gardens to charming old English rose gardens, Aloha tropical gardens with waterfalls, sun-loving low-water succulent gardens, and warm, inviting, colorful, low-maintenance gardens.

Landscape Therapist is a family-owned and operated full-service landscape company that has been providing the South Bay Area with creative designs and quality landscape services for more than 30 years.

Allow us to be your Landscape Therapist!


Meet Landscape Therapist
Cyrus Fakhari

Cyrus Fakhari has been passionate about landscaping since childhood. He is gifted in his construction talents and his easy going personality.

Landscape Therapist has helped thousands of homeowners create dream outdoor spaces.  Cyrus also helped build the 3 acres Sunnyvale community garden whose philosophy is sustainability and giving back to the community.

Jessie photo

Meet Landscape Therapist’s Designer, Jessie Lin

What makes us happy? I believe it is the connection with nature which is really the connection with our inner JOY.

I love feeling the energy mixture from the warm sunshine, the cool breeze, the crispy pine trees scent and the soothing sound of water. By being in the elements, I feel connected. Everything emits energy, especially the living plants.

I am always intrigued by how the external environment can affect us deeply internally.  So with that concept, here I am so incredibly honored to bring forward BALANCE and HARMONY into people’s lives by simply creating an outdoor space that is recharging and reharmonizing.

Hope to see you soon!

Jessie photo